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        Evertop Workstations & Servers....!

Your server and workstations are your business connection to its data and the outside world. If a workstation goes down for whatever reason you will certainly lose productivity. Same is not true if your server is down.

You don’t want to wait for the ‘big one’ to happen and have your server completely die on you. That will result in costly downtime for your business. If you pay attention to the warning sign you will be able to catch a server failure and get it fixed before disaster happens.

Warning signs that your server is about to go:

Random crashes Before hardware failures you will often experience a string of crashes that cannot be tied to high load or specific processes
File system issues If you file system is acting funny this is usually a sign that full failure is pending. One sign is files becoming read only for no reason. If you see frequent file system corruption you should think about migrating to another server
You just have a bad feeling Don’t ever rule this out as a possible reason. You know how your network should be running and if things don’t feel right usually something is wrong. With virtualization and other technologies server migration is easier than ever. You should be more inclined to migrate than wait for disaster

If disaster has struck and your server or a workstation is down. ZDT will be happy to send out a certified Microsoft technician to take a look at it. Every minute that you server is down is costing your business money and ZDT will be the fastest way to get your network running again.

“Our server crashed and thought for sure we were going to have buy a new one. After ZDT took a look at it they were able to fix it and get it running again”

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